Tribal Map (Eastern U.S.)

Tribal Map (Eastern U.S.)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watch Select NAPT Films for FREE

From Visionmaker and NAPT:

Watch Select NAPT Films for FREE

Exploring the only deadly clash between Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, filmmakers trace the aftermath of the expedition's arrival and investigate the challenges and triumphs of the Blackfeet today, discovering a rich history and culture.

The incredible, untold story of Aleut Americans' decades-long struggle for human and civil rights--from indentured servitude and isolated internment camps, to Congress and the White House. Narrated by Martin Sheen.

This documentary explores the mythic and historic roots of contemporary gambling in the Northwest Native society through a look at the traditional hand game (also called "stick game" or "bone game").

This comedy explores the interaction of two cultural groups indigenous to Minnesota--American Indians and philanthropic foundations. Poet Gerald Vizenor's screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Indian Tribes to create a contemporary satire which dispels many Hollywood stereotypes.

Journalist Mark Anthony Rolo journeys to Los Angeles to talk with the survivors and descendants of American Indian families who were part of a federal program that relocated thousands of Native people from rural Reservations to the cities in the last half of the 20th Century.

Author LeAnne Howe goes to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Reservation to discover how the mix of tourism, community and cultural preservation are the keys to the Tribe's health.

This documentary explains how government relocation programs in the 1950's enticed significant numbers of Native Americans to leave the Reservation for life in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. The life an dtimes of urban Indians is shown primarily through the eyes of these individuals and their subsequent generations.

A heartwarming story of Stanford Addison--a Native Ameircan elder, spiritual leader, horse tamer and quadriplegic. Through his unique method of gentling wild horses, Standford delivers an inspiring and timely message of universal peace and cultural tolerance by sharing the experiences of his own life.

Facing scortching temperatures, 19-year-old Andy Payne, a small-town Cherokee boy, takes home the gold after winning a grueling 3,422-mile foot race designed to bring attention to the newly constructed Route 66 Highway.

The Oneida Speak Emmy-nominated
In 1935, while the country was deep in the Depression, a group of Oneidas in Wisconsin took advantage of a federal writing program designed to employ Americans and offer economic relief. Many, who wrote in their own language, recorded their daily life.

Exploring the warrior ethic among Native Americans, this documentary also reveals how Native communities have traditionally viewed their warriors and why Native men and women have signed-up for military service at a rate three-times higher than non-Indians.

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